Be advided - How to use consulting effectivelyBe advided - How to use consulting effectively

Be advised - How to use consulting effectively

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ISBN : 9782840016700

As Machiavelli observed more than 500 years ago: "A Prince who is not himself wise cannot be wisely advised..." In other words, you do not get to be an effective and intelligent client because the consultants and other advisers you work with make you one; rather, you use consultants well because you are already a good, "shrewd" client.
That is the heart of this book: to help clients take an intelligent approach to the use of consultants. Successful consulting depends on the quality of the client-consultant partnership. The trouble is that we are rarely clear about what "partnership" involves in practice. Is it an attitude of mind or something quite concrete, based on a contract that divides the risks and rewards of the work between both sides? Is it something that happens by osmosis, the product of the right chemistry between the individuals involved? Or does it require as much effort and conscious determination as any oth aspect of managing a project?
This book tries to answer those questions and many more about the nature of the successful client-consultant "partnership". It examines the issue from different perspectives,as well as it looks at how this relationship varies across different European countries.


Auteur: Fiona Czerniawska - François Rivard

Rubrique: Techniques de gestion organisation

16 cm x 24 cm
190 pages
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ISBN: 9782840016700

Table des matières


Part 1 - Spark: Preparing the Journey
1. Knowing where you want to go
2. Choosing the right travelling companion

Part 2 - Engine: Ready to Go
3. Shaping the ecosystem
4. Building commitment to the journey
5. Creating the metrics for success

Part 3 - Acceleration: Putting Your Foot Down
6. Ensuring transparency
7. Being innovative; being flexible
8. Sharing the driving
9. Engaging everyone's enthusiasm
10. Travelling together

Part 4 - Travelling Abroad
11. Managing international projects
- France
- United Kingdom
- Germany
- Nordics
- Portugal
- The Netherlands

Conclusion: A Checklist for Clients