From farmer to world leader - DelfingenFrom farmer to world leader - Delfingen

From farmer to world leader - Delfingen

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ISBN : 9782840018186

The story of Delfingen is not only the story of Bernard Streit who remarkably developed the company but it also closely relates to the astonishing path of the Streit family, men and women of sturdy character, strong personality and outstanding courage.

Bernard Streit is an unconventional corporate leader. Here is a man of peasant origins, whose school achievements are modest and who is ill at ease when it comes to writing. To top it off, he was plagued by an extremely shy nature when he was a young man. Thanks to his unlimited willpower and remarkable foresight, he managed to hoist Delfingen, step by step, among the very first world leaders in its field.

The man is fascinating and he tells his story in an extremely simple and straightforward manner. It’s much more than a success story, more than simply explaining how a rural kid developed a global company. It’s the story of how this self-made man, through forty years of hardships and victories, developed a unique vision of life and a most original understanding of the world.

The way he made his company grow, his spectacular success and his testimony give rise to unlimited optimism. His favorite aphorisms: “The worst is never sure to come.” and “What is impossible today may become possible tomorrow.” sum up pretty well the extraordinary life of Delfingen’s charismatic boss. The whole book contains surprising and positive messages that Bernard Streit wanted to pass on to his coworkers, customers, partners and to all those who will read this little gem.


Auteur: Claudine Le Tourneur D'Ison

Rubrique: Enquêtes, essais, romans

16,5cm x 24cm
192 pages
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ISBN: 9782840018186

Table des matières


Foreword by Henri Lachmann

Prologue: Back to Radelfingen

1. The Home of Our Fathers
Streit, Devil of a Man
From France to Switzerland
The Strength and Courage of a Farmer
The Power of Origins

2. 1954 – Otto and Emile, the Ones Who Paved the Way
The Moustier Family
The Miracle of Plastics
Emile, the Creative Soul

3. The House in Anteuil
Michèle and Emile
The House of a Lifetime
A Hectic Childhood
Our First Vacation
“Salut les Copains”
My Extreme Shyness
Philippe, My Brother

Wandering Landscape

4. Full Speed Ahead
A Waste of Time
Back to Real Life
First Flirts with the Banks
The Workshop
My Father, the Remarkable Craftsman

5. On the Way to Maturity
The Love of My Life
Forward March … or Die!
One Step from the Abyss
Back to School

6. Times of Great Changes 1985-1995
Getting out of the Rut
When Opportunity Knocks
The Convolute Miracle
Our First Steps Abroad
Major Changes in our Market Positioning

A Testimony in Pamplona

7. Raging Storms and Murky Waters
Meeting a Master in the Art of Deceit
Fighting Back
Going Public
A Coach for a Trial
A Never-ending Nightmare

8. Discovering America
The Other Side of the Atlantic
Racing against Competition
Making Progress in the United States
Total Failure in Latin America
Beyond Crises
Banks: the Moody and the Bearish
El Paso and the Mafia

9. Against All Odds
A Very Wrong Appraisal
When Fate Strikes
In Search of Enthusiasm Lost
Focusing on the Essence of Working Together
“Primitive” and Instinctive

A Remarkable Instinct

10. The Dizziness of 2008
A Shattered Strategy
Walking on a High-wire above the Abyss
My Grandfather, Still by My Side
The World and Us

11. The World of Enterprise
The Big Family Village
The Honduran Mafia
The Challenges of Hiring and Firing
The end of Paternalism
At the Crossroads of Conflicting Interests
Uncertain and Alone
The Guiding Principle

12. Towards the Rising Sun
A Step into Asia
Complex Mental Structures

A Journey in Asia

13. 2014: a Great Year for Delfingen
The Quest for the Holy Grail
The Honduran Customs
In a Jam with Honey

14. Today and Tomorrow
The Time to Pass the Torch Is Nearing
We, the Hidden Champions
The Asian Dreamland
Europe Is Ill
An Eternal Quest

Time to Conclude